Best Baby Bath Products: Safe, Natural Choices for Mum & Bub

Your baby’s skin is such a precious thing. Caring for it is just so important when it comes to your baby’s health, comfort and all-round wellbeing. And because a baby’s skin is so sensitive and susceptible to the effects of harsh soaps, cleansers and other bath and skincare products, the choices you make are crucial.

That’s why at Pop & Oli we’re fanatical about using bath products that are made from the best natural ingredients and proven to be completely safe, gentle and healthy for both baby and parents, not to mention the environment your bub is going to grow up in.

Certified organic skincare products for baby

We’re big fans of the brand Little Bairn (Bairn is pronounced be-ryn). Little Bairn produces an award-winning range of luxury, certified organic skincare products for mum and baby. The great thing about Little Bairn products is that they’re completely open and honest about the ingredients they use and how they use them, so you know there are no nasties and no surprises. 

Little Bairn produces a great range of organic baby washes and lotions, massage oils and powders, and more. Their organic bottom balm is a perennial favourite. Plus they have fantastic products for mum, both during pregnancy and beyond, including all-natural bath soaks, soothing balms and calming mists and essential oil blends.

Best baby wash for newborns and beyond

When it comes to choosing the best baby wash for your baby, Little Bairn’s Organic Gentle Baby Wash is a good natural option for daily use. It’s made with certified organic ingredients, including macadamia, avocado and sunflower oils and aloe vera. The addition of calendula and emu apple extracts makes it great for dry, delicate or sensitive skin.

Soothing baby bath and massage oil

If you’re looking for the best baby bath and massage oil, Little Bairn’s Organic Sleepy Time Bath and Massage Oil is definitely worth a look. As you can guess from the name, it’s perfect for use in a soothing, sleep inducing bath or for use as a cradle cap by gently massaging into baby’s scalp.

Using a blend of nutrient-rich, organic macadamia and jojoba oils, it will leave baby’s skin nourished and smooth. While the addition of lavender and chamomile extracts help lull baby into a sound sleep.

Best newborn bath oil for delicate skin

Little Bairn’s Organic Newborn Bath and Massage Oil is a product specifically formulated to care for delicate newborn skin. What’s makes this particular blend so special is that it’s made from 100% natural ingredients, including macadamia, jojoba and camellia oils and natural vitamin E. It’s unscented and Australian Certified Organic, so you know there’s nothing to aggravate your precious new addition.

As with the Organic Sleepy Time Bath and Massage Oil, it’s ideal for use in a gentle soothing bath or to massage into baby’s scalp as a cradle cap and soften the skin.

The best baby skincare products in one great gift set

If you’re looking to spoil a new mother (or yourself, for that matter), the Little Bairn Baby Skincare Gift Set is the bee’s knees of organic goodness. It’s a wonderful selection of Little Bairn’s best baby skincare products, including the very popular Bottom Balm for the prevention and treatment of nappy rash and Little Bairn’s 100% Natural Baby Powder to keep baby’s skin dry and free from irritation.

This special baby skincare products pack also includes Little Bairn Organic Sleepy Time Bath & Massage Oil mentioned above and Organic Soothing Baby Lotion that’s especially formulated for sensitive skin to help relieve redness and irritation.

The Baby Skincare Gift Set comes in it’s own natural cotton drawstring bag, so it makes an attractive and welcome gift for any new mother.

You can see the entire range of Little Bairn products here.

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