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Dolls, Timber Furniture, Handmade Clothes, and Accessories


    Keep your child's imagination alive with a beautiful selection of timber doll furniture, handmade doll clothes, and more. Our carefully curated toys will encourage your children to explore play in new ways, especially with our anatomically correct babies across various cultures.

    Our range helps children understand the concepts of diversity, relationships, and family with their features and the accessories that add to the play experience.

    Bring Your Kid's Imagination To Life

    Children learn through play and discovery. We make this possible with our selection of prams, adorable coat hangers, wooden prams, cradles, and material and phthalates-free vinyl babies for play.

    Pop and Oli have a whole collection of beautiful toys, games and play clothing to buy online that are sustainable and created from renewable sources. Shop from the comfort of your home and enjoy all these premium brands have to offer you and your child.