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Pop and Oli

for the family, for the home, for the love of sleep.

About Us

Hi!, we're Valda and Amy.  We are Pop and Oli;  a family business motivated by our love of quality natural fabrics, beautiful products and experiences living with Allergys, Asthma and Tactile Sensitivities. 

The idea of Pop and Oli was born from our constant search for products that provide comfort and relief for ourselves and children suffering from the effects of these conditions.  From those beginnings our offering has evolved to a broader range of collections.  Seasonally curated collections of products that focus on your home, bath time, bed time and your together time; all the things we know are important for a happy and healthy family.

Pop and Oli is our way of achieving our goal to enrich the lives of others through creating a comfortable, relaxed home life and peaceful sleep environment. 

We support Australian and New Zealand small businesses and brands whose principles align with our values and ethos of fair trade, sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.  

Creativity and time spent with family and friends further enhance our inspiration and we hope this shines through our store.

Thank you for visiting Pop and Oli. Take a look around. We're sure you'll find something you love.