Dressing Baby for a Comfortable Summer Night’s Sleep

Summer can be one of the toughest times for any of us to get a good night’s sleep, but particularly for babies and toddlers. That’s because babies simply don’t have the ability to adjust their sleepwear and covers to suit the temperature as freely as we as adults can.

This is why your choice of baby sleepwear, wraps and blankets is so important. As when choosing any summer baby clothes, we recommend you start by looking at the fabric: 

  • Choose light organic fabrics that offer natural breathability, such as fine merino wool, bamboo and soft organic cotton
  • Next, look for a design and style that suits your baby’s sleeping conditions

Here are some good starting points for summer slumber comfort.

1. Cool summer baby sleepwear

The good old multi-purpose onesie is a popular baby sleepwear option. The beauty of the humble onesie is that there are so many designs and styles that there’s sure to be one that suits your baby’s sleeping environment.

The sleeveless Papaya Star Summer Suit and the long sleeve Ochre Sunflower LS Romper from the brand G.Nancy are two great summer sleepwear options for babies and toddlers.

Both of these cool Aussie onesies are made from 100% organic cotton (Global Organic Textile Standards certified), and coloured using only the highest-quality dyes and water-based inks, so you know they are safe and responsible. Nifty custom-dyed press studs at the crotch make for easy night time nappy changes. Even better, these super soft and stretchy onesies are designed, knitted, dyed, printed and manufactured in Australia.

Not everywhere in this wide brown land are the nights so balmy. If you’re in a place where the nights can still offer a chill even in summer, the Organic Cotton Onepiece – Grey Stripe bodysuit from the brand Jamie Kay might be a better option. It’s also made from 100% natural cotton, but thicker with a more fitted style to keep the night-time chills at bay.

2. Newborn swaddles for summer slumber

The natural breathability of a fabric is an important consideration when choosing a newborn swaddle, particularly in summer when babies don’t yet have the capacity to regulate temperature effectively.

Baby swaddles made of soft natural cotton or bamboo are cool and breathable options for restful summer sleeping, at home or out and about.

Take the Secret Garden Baby Wrap from the brand Halcyon Nights, for example. Made from a mix of super soft cotton and elastane, this swaddle is not overly constricting so baby can sleep in comfort and safety. The hand drawn print by Min Pin and featuring a variety of beautiful botanics and sneaky critters adds a touch of fun.

The In The Jungle Bamboo Single Swaddle from the brand Kip&Co is another great newborn swaddle option. As the name suggests, this swaddle is made from 100% natural bamboo that is both soft and breathable. It also has a super cute design featuring wild jungle animals and plants on a mint green background.

3. Organic muslin wraps for summer comfort

Wrap blankets are one of those multi-purpose essentials that, when chosen right, should provide years of sleepy-time comfort.

Cotton muslin is a soft and airy fabric that makes it a perfect choice for a summer blanket that can also be used as handy throw blanket or wrap all year round.

Jamie Kay’s Cotton Muslin Wrap Blanket – Rose Smoke is a beautiful summer-style multi-purpose blanket. It’s made from super soft 100% organic cotton muslin, so you know there are no nasties. Plus, it’s generous size means you’ll find it great for all sorts of uses.

4. Soft, breathable and durable merino pyjamas

Merino wool is typically seen as a winter fabric, but the breathability and natural sweat wicking attributes of fine merino wool make it an ideal summer fabric as well. Let’s face it, sheep wear it all year round.

The great news is that there is now a fantastic range of baby sleepwear and bedding products made from pure merino wool. Merino Kids is one of the most popular brands when it comes to fine merino pyjamas, baby sleep bags (their very popular Go Go Bags) and wraps. Made from ethically-sourced, 100% pure superfine New Zealand merino wool, Merino Kids products are not only soft and light, they’re kind to delicate skin, they’re easy to care for, and they possess the natural safety attributes of fine wool.

Take a look at Merino Kids’ all-natural range of merino pyjamas, Go Go Bags, wraps and more.

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