Keeping Baby Warm in Winter – Natural Woolies for Snuggly Winter Snoozing

Who doesn’t love wool – especially super-soft, all-natural Merino wool? When it comes to baby winter clothes and winter clothes for kids, particularly sleepwear, there really is no better choice for overall warmth, comfort and breathability, and all round snuggliness.

Natural merino wool – ideal for comfortable, peaceful sleep

When it comes to baby and kids’ sleepwear, swaddles and sleep bags, merino is really the pick of the flock when it comes to natural fibres and fabrics. It really comes down to five key factors – it’s warm, soft, breathable, safe and all natural. And with it’s renowned temperature-regulation and sweat-wicking properties, superfine merino is the perfect fabric not just for winter but all year round, inside and out.

The natural breathability and temperature-regulation qualities of fine merino wool makes it perfect for babies as they haven’t yet learned to regulate their own body temperature and are prone to over-heating in synthetics. Merino is also a great choice for babies and kids with allergies and skin irritations.

All things considered, natural superfine merino wool really is Mother Nature’s perfect fibre.

Introducing Merino Kids

Merino Kids is a wonderful New Zealand company that has really taken merino wool products for babies and kids to a whole new level. The beauty of their range of clothing and sleepwear, sleep bags and sleep wraps is that they are all made from ethically sourced superfine 100% pure New Zealand merino wool. And what we particularly love here at Pop and Oli is that their award-winning products have been proven in scientific studies to help babies and kids sleep better.

Merino Kids baby and children’s sleepwear

When it comes to winter sleepwear merino is ideal. It’s warm and it has a super-soft silky texture that’s both comfortable next to the skin and durable for long-lasting value.

The Merino Kids range of baby and kids’ sleepwear includes gorgeous little pyjama sets, multi-purpose long sleeve bodysuits, versatile leggings and singlets, and snuggly little snoods and comforters. 

Go Go Sleep Bags from Merino Kids

Merino is not just ideal for kids and babies’ clothing. Just like their sleepwear, Merino Kids’ range of Go Go Sleep Bags are made form the finest quality 100% New Zealand merino wool. If fact, they are the world’s first 100% natural baby sleep bag to use superfine merino wool that keeps babies at a safe, regulated temperature as they sleep. Not surprisingly, Merino Kids’ Go Go Sleep Bags are the top recommended, 100% natural baby sleep bag by parents in New Zealand and Australia.

Go Go Sleep Bags also offer some other great advantages. While you want to keep your baby warm and cosy at night, it’s also important not to let them overheat. This is where the natural breathability of merino wool really comes to the fore. What’s more, the sleep bag design means your child can’t kick it off in bed, so they’re less likely to wake up feeling cold.

Add to that they’re great versatility – they are also handy for use in prams and car seats as well as in the cot – and Merino Kids’ Go Go Sleep Bags are really an all round sleep time winner.

You can see our entire range of Merino Kids sleepwear and Go Go Sleep Bags here.


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