Organic Baby Clothes for Natural, Healthy Living

When it comes to baby clothes, there is no substitute for natural, organic fabrics. That’s because natural, organic baby clothes enable baby’s skin to breathe easy, no matter whether they’re out and about or tucked up for the night. While the natural softness of organic fabrics ensures they stay comfortable, summer or winter, day or night, just as nature intended.

For mum and dad, natural organic baby clothes and sleepwear means no nasties, no irritations and no worries. Better for baby means better for you.

Organic baby clothes for a natural night’s sleep

Comfort is at the heart of a good night’s sleep for baby. This is where the natural softness of organic cotton really comes to the fore. Particularly for cool nights when thicker sleepwear is needed, the softness of natural cotton baby sleepwear means it doesn’t bunch, snag and tug at baby while they sleep.

Jamie Kay’s Organic Cotton Pyjama Set is a good example. It’s a slim, long-sleeve fitted style of pyjama that’s made from 100% organic super-soft cotton. This particular pyjama style uses a thicker cotton fabric for warmth. Plus a sweet grey stripe pattern gives it a certain French-style je ne sais quoi.

Affordable organic baby clothes made in Australia

Australia produces some of the best natural organic fabrics in the world. That’s why it’s so great to see some fantastic organic baby clothes being made right here. They’re affordable, good for baby and good for the environment. It’s a great feeling all round.

The Ochre Sunflower Shortie PJ Set from G.Nancy is one of these great natural baby sleepwear products that are made in Australia. This shortie pyjama set is made from snug-fitting, super-soft and stretchy GOTS certified organic cotton, with a soft knitted elastic waist. And the beautiful ochre ‘sunflower’ pattern is a true Aussie look.

Soft, breathable organic baby wear for every day

Another great attribute of natural organic baby wear is its breathability. This is particularly true of organic cotton blends. These fabrics are light and airy, but also functional, so they are perfect for getting outdoors and everyday around-the-house use.

If you’re looking for a natural, breathable and durable onepiece then the Harem Romper from Harpa’s Nest is a top option. Made from 85% organic cotton and 8% Spandex, it combines the breathability of soft, natural cotton with spandex for comfort and practicality. These oversized, slouchy fit rompers grow with your child, and with no snaps or buttons, they are super easy to pull on and off over the shoulders.

Bamboo - a natural choice for natural organic kids

Bamboo is another great natural fabric option to consider. Bamboo baby and kids’ clothes blends are particularly good for babies and kids who suffer from eczema or sensitive skin.

One great example is Lulu Funk’s Girls’ Undies for Spring. These super-soft and comfortable essentials are made from a bamboo and organic cotton blend that is breathable and with moisture wicking and thermal regulating properties. Designed in New

Zealand, these undies also offer odour neutralising and UV protection qualities. The stretchy nature of the fabric means there is no need for an elastic waist, so you can say goodbye to nasty red marks.

Affordable and practical organic essentials

Natural organic baby clothes don’t necessarily have to cost more. There’s now a great range of organic cotton essential baby clothes that are not only good for baby but also good for the budget. With the added durability of good quality organic fabrics, it makes good money sense.

Take Jamie Kay’s Forever Floral Organic Cotton Footed Pants for example. These essential footed pants are 100% super-soft organic cotton. These sweet little pants are practical, affordable and beautiful with a gorgeous floral print.

You can see our range of natural organic cotton products here.

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