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Waking up to middle-of-the-night bedwetting accidents is one of those things like hearing your child’s first words or seeing their first steps that makes parenting oh so worthwhile. I’m kidding of course, but bed-wetting and its aftermath is all part of the journey. However, there are some great products around that make the midnight bed or cot change, if not a pleasure, at least a breeze.

One of our absolute favourite products at Pop and Oli, are Bed Mates, the bedwetting mats made by a great Australian company called The Midnight Gang.

Choosing the right bed mat for bed wetting

Bedwetting mats, also known as waterproof sheet protectors or brolly sheets have long been seen as a saviour by many parents. That is why there is such a variety of products around that take the sting out of middle-of-the-night accidents and bed changes.

As we mentioned above, we at Pop and Oli, love The Midnight Gang’s brand of Bed Mates 100% waterproof bedwetting mats, and there are some very good reasons why.

Bed Mates for easy midnight bed re-makes

One of the things that make Bed Mates so special is that, unlike old-school mattress protectors, Bed Mates go on top of the fitted sheet. They have a cool wing design that just tucks in under the mattress that makes them so easy to fit.

The real advantage of this is that when you’re stumbling around dazed and still three-quarters asleep, you don’t have to strip the bed completely. Simply whip off the Bed Mates waterproof sheet protector and slip on a fresh one, then drop your little one into a dry set of PJs and it’s back to bed.

Better still, the sheets below stay perfectly dry, so there’s one less job on the list.

Australian designed in fun, colourful designs that kids love

Another thing that we love about The Midnight Gang’s Bed Mates is that they are designed in Australia to meet Australian standards. Plus, their fun, colourful patterns and designs are created to appeal to Aussie kids, so it makes bedtime just that little bit easier. The Jurassic dinosaur print and the gorgeous Aussie Bush Fairies print are two that are particularly fun.  

Safe and free from nasties

As you’d expect with The Midnight Gang’s high design standards, their Bed Mates waterproof sheet protectors are nontoxic and free from PVC, phthalates, lead and formaldehyde. They are washing machine and dryer safe, of course.  

Soft, comfortable and super absorbent

Bed Mates are made with a 100% easy-care cotton top that’s not only comfortable for baby or child, but it’s also super-absorbent when those middle-of-the-night bedwetting accidents occur.

There is also another element to the comfort factor. The special winged design means that Bed Mates remain firmly in place throughout the night, even for the squirmiest of sleepers. 

Great for a variety of uses

What makes The Midnight Gang’s Bed Mates extra-good value is that they are also great for a variety of uses. You can use them to protect other furniture your child uses, such as the sofa, cot or pram. And because Bed Mates are so practical and durable, they are also great for camping trips and sleepovers. I’m sure you can think of many uses of your own. If fact, pregnant mums have found them perfect for when they are in their final trimester and concerned their waters might break in bed or in the car.

The Midnight Gang Bed Mates 100% waterproof sheet protectors come in single, king single, double and queen bed sizes.

Take a look at our range of Bed Mates here.

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