Top Ideas for Winter Bedding, Kids’ Bedroom Storage and Fun Spaces

In our latest ‘top ideas’ buying guide we look at some great kids’ bedroom storage ideas that are not only wonderfully practical but also stylish; how to create fun reading or play spaces for kids using beanbags and play mats; how to use bed layering to create a cozy and inviting sleep environment for your child that adjusts with the seasons. Plus, we take a look at the latest in modern linen bedding for natural, all-year-round sleep comfort.

Kids’ bedroom storage ideas

Storage in any baby or kid’s bedroom can be a perpetual struggle. Particularly as kids’ bedrooms are often tight on space, things like toy storage can be a real nuisance. Here are a couple of clever ideas to keep kids’ bedrooms under control in ways that are not only functional but also beautiful.

Brightly coloured folding storage crates from Dove and Dovelet are a great storage option for kids’ rooms. Stack them inside a wardrobe or outside as freestanding extra storage. What’s more, they are available in a bunch of eye-catching colours, so they’ll match your décor, or your can mix and match them for a fun, colourful bedroom feature.

Decorative storage baskets are another great option for kids’ toy storage and other bits and pieces you’re keen to hide away. Lidded baskets from the brand OlliElla Neutra are a fantastic example. These stylish hand-made, fair-trade baskets come in different sizes perfect for the storage of all sorts of things from toiletries to laundry to toys and shoes.

Beanbags and play mats for fun kids’ spaces

With the creative use of things like beanbags and play mats, you can create spaces within spaces, such as inviting reading corners in older kids’ bedrooms or dedicated play spaces for younger kids. Popular tip: play mats make a handy, washable rug alternative when creating a reading nook for older kids.

Mix and match from our range of colourful play mats and our selection of velvet and canvas beanbags to create your own cozy reading or play nook. For older kids, perhaps combine the Flight Path round play mat from Kip&Co with its wonderful map of the world pattern and a Tarzan, leopard-print beanbag for a bit of excitement. For younger kids, perhaps pair a May Gibbs Flora and Fauna patterned play mat from Kip&Co and a Koala Doze canvas beanbag, with it’s super cute koala face pattern, to create a playful little den.

Bed layering for a snuggly winter’s night sleep

The art of bed layering with a mix of baby blankets, doonas and cushions is the perfect way to create a cozy, sleep-inducing atmosphere for babies and kids. Plus, it provides a practical method for incrementally adjusting for kids’ comfort as seasons and temperatures change.

Mix and match from our great range of double-sided quilts, quilted bedspreads, organic cotton quilted and 100% wool baby blankets, and beautiful decorative and fun shaped cushions to bring your own style to bed layering. Plus, with every piece sourced from top brands like Society of Wanderers and Kip&Co, you know they have the quality to last. 

Add a snuggly blanket and cuddly cushion to your reading or play nook for that extra warmth and comfort.

Linen bedding for all-year-round comfort

If you’re looking for practical and comfortable all-year-round bedding that’s both warm in winter and cool summer, linen is an excellent choice.

 And when it comes to choosing the best linen bedding, we recommend the Society of Wanderers brand. Society of Wanderers makes a gorgeous range of 100% French flax linen bedding for both kids and adults, including fitted sheets, pillowcases and quilt covers.

Famous for their bright, stylish and contemporary colours and designs, you can mix and match from a wide variety of prints and styles.

But wait, there’s more to the Society of Wanderers’ range than just the best in linen sheets, pillowcases and duvee covers. They bring their same wonderful sense of style to their range of women’s linen pyjamas and even gorgeous linen tote bags.

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